The other night I had what I believe to be my first real nightmare in a long, long time. I remember as a child having one, and I vaguely remember that it involved a shadowy figure, but that’s all I have. For years now I’ve had really vivid dreams, including one where Smurfs were doing the Thriller dance while hanging from the ceiling of my 2nd or 3rd grade classroom. And when I was in 7th grade, I had a dream where I or my best friend were crouched behind one of those small trains that you see at small amusement parks or the zoo, blowing on it to make it go forward.

But I haven’t had nightmares.

The one I had the other night included small dragons that I needed to stay away from, because although they were very small, and look like the dragons in the mobile game Dragon, Fly!, they were nasty little things, and dangerous, and one of them had got loose and was going to electrocute me if I didn’t get out of the lake NOW.

dragon, fly!

The object of my nightmare, taken from a screenshot of the opening splash screen of the game.

Then the Unexpected Journey soundtrack hit a high note and woke me up. It sounded JUST like a dragon making a screeching sound. Makes sense, I guess.